Enhance Your Creativity with These Exercises


Creativity isn’t just something that you can easily switch on and off. However, it would be great if it were that easy because being creative provides many benefits. Creativity helps solve problems. Imagine if you’re able to see a problem from different perspectives, you can formulate solutions in many different ways as well.


Unfortunately, creativity comes easier for some than others, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for everyone to be creative. Try these mental exercises, and perhaps you’ll be inspired to get more creative as well.

Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Discovery and growth comes from experiences that you don’t often do or oftentimes you’re uncomfortable doing. Don’t be afraid of this unusual feeling, because that’s when you think of new ways and create new ideas.

Try new things. Go somewhere you have never been before, and allow your mind and senses to get stimulated with new experiences. Listen to a new genre of music. Music is a powerful art that can boost the creative activities of the brain. You can even do as simple as ordering a dinner that’s completely different to what you usually have.

Enjoy A Bit of Change


A quick trick for generating creativity is to inflict change to usual routine. Cluttered workspace? Tidy it up. A cluttered desk could sometimes mean cluttered thoughts. Thinking about the same thing for too long? Take a break and think of something different and creative. Having the same thought running through your mind can lead to stagnant thinking. Driving the same route every day? Take a different route tomorrow. Sometimes, a change of scenery can enforce a completely different mindset.

Take Note

Carry a little notebook with your wherever you go. You never know when a useful idea pops out of the blue. Even if you don’t make use of the ideas right away, in the future you’ll be thankful you have written them down.

Creativity may be innate for some of us, but everyone can still be creative. Look for exercises that work for you. When stuck, try something new. New environment and experiences stimulates creative ways of approaching problems and, therefore, enhances creative thinking.


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