Detoxify Your Body with These 10 Essential Oils

The best thing about essential oils is that they can be used in so many different ways, including detoxification. If detoxifying the body means getting rid of the toxic waste, anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts, the benefits that can be reaped from these potent oils become even more evident. Although many benefits haven’t been clinically tested, the people’s feedback and testimonies are more than enough to suggest that essential oils really help a lot in keeping the body clean and healthy.

Helichrysum Oil

Here are 10 of the most commonly used essential oils for detoxification and purification of the body.

1. Juniper Oil
This essential oil is extracted from Juniper berries, which is popular for its antioxidant properties. They can also be used as diuretic and are a common solution to aid the digestive works of the body. When using the essential oil, you are capturing the essence of the botanical without actually using the source plant itself. The oil gives off a relaxing effect and helps alleviate pains and sores. As a diuretic, it flushes toxins, excessive amounts of sodium, and water weight out of the body.

2. Laurel Oil
Laurel essential oil comes from the laurel plant, which holds large amount of antioxidant in every leaf of it. Rather than consuming or using laurel leaves, you can have its concentrated essence instead and get the most of its benefits. Like Juniper oil, a small amount of laurel oil also helps the digestive system to work at its best. However, the best thing about laurel oil that only a few essential oils possess is that it is in high demand in Singapore due to its antibiotic qualities. It can inhibit any sort of biotic development, such as growth of fungi, bacteria, and microbes, in the body. Unlike ost antibiotics available in most Singapore pharmacies today, laurel oil is all-natural and doesn’t impact the liver, kidneys, heart, and other internal organs.

3. Peppermint Oil
This oil can used in the bath, can be applied topically, and can be consumed. If you intend to consume it for medicinal purposes, you’ll need a couple of drops to make it work. As a detoxifier, you may add a few drops to your water or smoothie. Peppermint essence has been widely used medicinally for centuries, and you’ll often find this essential oil mixed with other detoxifying oils to create a fast-acting detox blend.


4. Rosemary Oil
Rosemary may be just among your collection of herbs and spices in the kitchen. However, the oil extracted from the plant can be your best bet for detoxifying the body and improving your overall well-being. Knowing the properties of rosemary, taking it in its concentrated form will give you benefits like improved circulation and digestion, diuretic properties, and anti-inflammatory benefits. It has also been said to effectively ward off cancer and early memory loss. You can use the oil as an inhalant, during bath, or use it with other substance suitable for massage.

5. Patchouli Oil
This oil comes from patchouli plant, which is a known botanical for instant lift of mood and even sex drive. It is one of the oils that does not get that much attention, but has definitely beneficial effects. You can use it as a detoxifier for body and mind, by taking a warm bath with drops of this essential oil added to the water. For diuretic purposes, you will need to ingest it by adding three to four drops of it in your water or tea.

6. Helichrysum Oil
You would probably have the hardest time to think of ways how to get more helichrysum oil into your day-to-day routine. Good thing you can simply buy a bottle of this from many Singapore organic shops. Helichrysum oil is from sunflower, and it offers so many benefits aside from amplifying your digestive system. It provides many benefits for the skin, as well as help ease any inflammation in the body and regeneration of cells.

Taking advantage of these natural oils in detoxifying your internal organs does a great favour to your body and overall health. Although they are not a cure-all solution, using such plants for wellness has been around for many centuries and known to give beneficial effects in the most natural way there is. Used in combination with conventional medicinal methods can provide the body an added boost.


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