Broadband and Internet Services

With the advent of cell phones, three cell phone operators –Sing Tel, M1 and StarHub have taken up the task of providing the people with cell phone networks; as of 2009, these operators cater to the needs of around 6.4 million cell phones. Singapore has a substantial number of computer users and access to the internet is perceived as a necessity. Even though densely populated, Singapore is one of the few countries in the world where broadband internet connection is readily available to all of its citizens within the country.

As of June 2010, it has been estimated that the number of internet subscribers in the country is roughly around 7 million. There are about four major Internet Service Providers in the country –SingNet, M1, StarHub and Pacnet. However over the years the government has led an initiative to provide access to high-speed broadband services throughout the island. The government launched a project, Singapore ONE and by the year 1998 it was available nation wide and the island gained access to high-speed broadband internet services.

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