Being Fat and Fab

In a generation where thin is in and all forms of media suggest that such body type is the ideal, where do we place fat? Is “fat” a bad word that most girls are afraid of gaining weight? Isn’t it true that our perception has been clouded with this social preference and we can no longer appreciate shapes with bumps and lumps? If you have the said figure, hide no more from the eyes of criticisms and strut your stuff like what hot babes do. Here are some fashion and beauty tips to keep your confidence level up there.

Know, Understand and Believe You are Beautiful

Before all beauty consultations, shopping and make-over happens, you must start from within. You have to re-assess your current self-concept, and if it doesn’t say good about you, then it’s time to dump it. Being beautiful isn’t only about physical attributes: it also refers to the inner strengths and abilities that set you apart from others. Be aware, comprehend and genuinely believe that you’re gorgeous just the way you really are. Never allow other’s useless opinions define your worth and beauty, Remember: External factors have no power over you, unless you permit it.

Upgrade the Look

It’s time to redefine your style to give more emphasis on your physical assets starting from your hair. If you have long hair, you can go with big curls at the tip to give volume to your hair and create a sassy look. This hairstyle is sexy since it appears effortless and you can easily arrange it with your fingers. If you have a short one, you can try out layered cut and a touch of hair color that would complement your skin tone. If you want to give it more attitude, wavy styles can also be an option.

As to the fashion wear, dark-colored leggings is a must-try since it accentuates the shape of your legs. This can be matched with a light colored shirt or a top that has a low neckline so you can accessorize your getup with a trendy necklace. Show off some skin by wearing bright-colored shorts paired with pastel colored top to balance the combination. This can also have an edgy look if top is tucked in and paired with a plain yet funky colored belt.

Follow Healthy Options

Embracing your figure doesn’t mean you’ll no longer choose to be healthy. Your goal must to have a well-balanced diet to keep yourself from illnesses and low stamina. It’s okay to eat “sinful” foods but everything should be in moderation. Too much sweets, for example, will expose you to the risk of getting diabetes and other health problems. Taking in fruits, vegetables and plenty of water are still the best beauty secrets.

Exercise Your Body

Do some stretching and light physical exercise every morning or even visit the gym if you have the luxury of time. Sweating off the toxins is a great way to get energized and keep yourself upbeat for your other activities.

Above all tips, confidence is still the key. Let it radiate outside and you’ll make everyone a believer. It is happiness, self-trust and loving your own thing you should choose, be proud to be fat and fabulous!

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