App-Grade Your Health

10 apps you need for a healthier you

Today’s fast paced life leaves us with much to do and little time to do them. Don’t let that compromise your health. Use these apps to make sure your body is in tip-top shape.


1. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock ($0.99): This app triggers your alarm only when you’re in a light sleep phase, helping you avoid the tired feeling you get when you’re woken up from deep sleep.

2. Symple ($2.99): Need to keep track of any symptoms, your medications, exercise level, and other health factors? This app makes that all too “symple”.

3. Sleep Talk Recorder ($0.99): Check this app to know if you talk during sleep and, more importantly, what is it that you’re saying.

4. Moves (Free): Doctors recommend we take 10,000 steps every day. This app uses your phone’s GPS to monitor whether you’ve met that by measuring how much you’ve moved.

5. HealthTap (Free): With contributions from 50,000 real doctors, this app helps you diagnose your symptoms and other health related matters. It’s basically a virtual visit to the doctor’s office.


6. Garmin Fit ($0.99): Get a detailed report of your runs with Garmin Fit. This app records the times, places, and the distance you’ve covered in every run. It even has a kickass soundtrack option.

7. iTriage Health (Free): iTriage provides a directory of doctors and medical facilities wherever you may be. What’s more, it has an exhaustive medical dictionary and emergency hotlines, including average wait times in each center.

8. My Diet Coach (Free): Your inspiration in a pocket, My Diet Coach has various features to keep you in line of your diet. It has a “craving control” feature, motivational tips, and diet suggestions, among much else.

9. Pocket First Aid & CPR ($1.99): Developed by the American Heart Association itself, this app provides instructs how to act on common emergencies like diabetic emergencies, allergic reactions, burns, snake and spider bites, and choking.

10. Lumosity (Free): Keep yourself entertained and your mind sharp with Lumosity. This app has different games and quizzes to stop your mind from going idle. Now your smartphone can really help make you smart.


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