A Guide for Preparing for a Last-Minute Job Interview

Good news! A hiring manager called and asked you to come for an interview – this afternoon. You can reschedule all your appointments and tell your boss that you have an emergency appointment to the dentist, but in reality, you only have less than a day to prepare. Still, even if you only have 30 minutes to spare before your interview, you can still outshine the competition by following these easy interview prep tips.


  1. Check the Job Description for the Last Time

Because we’re too eager to click the ‘submit’ button, we often neglect the description of the job position we’re applying for. So when you’re about to go in for a last-minute interview, make sure that you scan the job posting for the last time. Remember some keywords that will help formulate answers that are aligned with the kind of employee that they want.

  1. Do a Quick Research on the Company

Never ever show up to a job interview – even if it’s a last-minute interview – without knowing at least three facts about the company you’re applying for. What are some of their important partnerships? Are they on the news lately? Do they have any new developments? Even something as simple as knowing the company’s mission and vision will help you immensely.

  1. Review Your Résumé

This is the part where people usually mess up. It’s similar to when people have cheat sheets for exam; they think that they no longer need to study since the cheat sheet already have the answers. Still, there’s always that one question that gets you and the answer isn’t on your cheat sheet. In short: Always make sure that you read up and review your CV before showing up to your job interview.


  1. Practice Out Loud

While on the way to your interview, practice describing yourself out loud. Speak clearly and ensure that you’re not appearing anxious. Put aside all those nervous laughs and habits that might appear distracting to your interview. If you’re still having problems controlling your jitters, start doing some breathing techniques, listening to your favourite song or talking to a friend before going inside.

  1. Keep Things Real

During the interview, make sure that you speak confidently about what you’re good at and what you can possibly contribute to their company. Avoid spinning a weakness into a strength as much as possible. Instead, talk about a weakness that you had and share how you overcame it through your previous jobs. Also, remind yourself to maintain eye contact throughout the interview and give a firm handshake to your interviewer once everything is done.

Being called for a last-minute job interview can be really more nerve-wracking than usual, but don’t let your nerves get the best of you. Simply put the aforementioned tips to work and you’ll definitely be able to ace that interview, regardless of how last-minute it was called for.


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