A Female Travellers Guide to Becoming a Stylish Jetsetter

Recently, airports have become the unofficial fashion catwalks. Gone are the days where your college sweatshirt and pair of leggings are already enough for your cross-country travels. Celebrities and even fashion bloggers already upped the standards of how a female jetsetter should look, and while it can be overwhelming, looking good while getting to your flight on time can actually be quite easy to achieve with the help of the following fashion tricks.


  1. Keep Your Makeup Simple. How much makeup you apply would actually depend on what you feel during your travel day. Still, fashion experts advise to keep things simple. Instead of wearing your usual makeup look, just use your BB cream as your base and a few strokes of mascara to make your eyes look brighter and more awake.
  1. Wear Loose Clothes, Then Layer Up. If there is any trick to looking good, that would be feeling good. Not comfortable sporting some tight clothing piece? Then opt for loose-fitting clothes. Not only will it make you feel comfortable and stylish, it’ll also give you enough room for more snacks as you wait for your flight.


  1. Pack Your Essentials in a Handbag. To ensure that you look and smell good throughout your flight, there are a few things that you should bring with you at all times. This includes packing essentials like concealer, mascara, lip balm, and moisturizer in your handbag. It would also be good if you pack a scarf with you too. Not only will it provide extra warmth when you’re cold, it can also help you dress up your somewhat plain outfit.
  1. Stick With Black Clothing Pieces. Aiming to look effortlessly stylish at the airport? There’s no better way to achieve that than wearing black pieces. During your travel days this is one of the few colours that you should stick to, especially if you’re scheduled for a long haul, as it hides almost everything including food spillages and crinkly clothes.

While it may look like it’s quite difficult to achieve, becoming a stylish jetsetter is actually pretty easy. Just follow the aforementioned tips and you’ll be dressing up just like the fashion bloggers and celebrities you see in the airport.


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