7 Websites That Will Make You Smarter In 2015

Rather than spending all of your time on the Internet browsing through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, put your Internet session into good use. To give your knowledge a boost, we’ve compiled seven top websites that will make you even smarter this year.


1.       Duolingo

Learn multiple language though this fun and addictive game. It offers college-quality education for free! If you’re looking for more language-learning websites, you may also try BBC Language.

2.       Instructables

Learn how to make almost anything under the sun through fun videos and easy-to-follow instructions. Build your own backyard fort or tennis ball launcher with the help of this website. You can even submit your own creations and share it to the world.

3.        Khan Academy

Not only will you learn a vast range of subjects through Khan Academy’s educational video, but you’ll also get a chance to put your knowledge into practice and keep track of your learning stats. This website is a great way to deepen your understanding of subjects you’ve already learned or to learn something new.


4.       Lumosity

Available in desktop and mobile format, lumosity helps train the brain with fun, scientifically-designed games. Every user can build their own training program to track progress and improve learning and memory.


5.       Recipe Puppy

Enter the ingredients you currently have in your kitchen, and this amazing search engine will provide you lots of great recipes you can make with what you have. Recipe Puppy is a great website to learn both basic and advanced cooking without having to buy everything beforehand.

6.       TED-ed

This is a new website launched by TED. It is designed to spark the curiosity of the users through its wide range of award-winning, animated lessons created by professional screenwriters, animators, and educators.

7.       VSauce

VSauce is a Youtube channel that provides mindboggling facts and information about the bests of our world. What would happen if the world stops spinning? Why people get bored? How many things existed in this world? Watch their videos and find out the answer.

Even in the convenience of your home, you can learn so many things, from the how-tos of baking to knowing the scientific explanation behind why people get bored. Above all, enriching your knowledge through these websites is free. There’s no need to pay a single penny to be as knowledgeable as Albert Einstein or Marie Curie.


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