6 Makeup Brushes to Keep in Your Beauty Bag

Sure, your fingers may do the trick, but getting glowing cheeks, silky smooth skin and long lashes start with using the right tools. Ask any makeup artist and they’ll tell you one thing: Finding and using the right brush is what will make a visible difference. With that in mind, we’ve listed down six of the best brushes that are worth using in your makeup routine. Trust us: You should stash these brushes in your beauty bag, ASAP!


  1. Concealer Brush (Makeup Forever Precision Concealer Brush). Known as one of the most versatile brush, you can use the full scope of this brush to apply concealer under your eyes, or its tip to feather over facial spots and bumps. What’s more amazing, is that this brush also doubles as a lip brush. Just remember to opt for synthetic brushes since its bristles are more intact compared with brushes that have natural bristles.


  1. Face Brush (MAC 188 Small Dual Fibre Brush). Having trouble applying your cream blush? Then use this brush to feather and seamlessly blend your favourite blush. You can even use it for powder products like your powder blush or bronzer. Its mix of natural and synthetic bristles is what makes it a great brush to use with all types of makeup formula.


  1. Blush Brush (Eco Tools Bamboo Tapered Blush Brush). Blush application might seem easy with a big brush, but it’ll only leave you with blush streaks covering most of your cheeks. Instead, opt for a dome brush to gently apply your product. Just remember to start with a small application and work your way out.


  1. Powder Brush (MAC 138 Tapered Powder Brush). When you’re dealing with a powder brush, opt for one that’s a bit tapered so that you can easily use it under your eyes and on the sides of your nose. Using a big, fluffy brush will just make you look overdone. So opt for this brush to have a little more control in applying your powder.


  1. Eyeshadow Blending Brush (Sonia Kashuk Eye Core Tools Blending Brush). Want to have a multitasking brush in your beauty arsenal? Then get your hands on an eyeshadow brush. Not only can it be used to apply your eyeshadow, you can also use for applying powder on your lids, for buffing your concealer and for spot powdering. Just the perfect brush to have in your beauty bag.


  1. Brow and Liner Brush (Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brow-Liner Brush #12). If you’re a fan of perfectly filled eyebrows and a cat eye look, then we suggest that you keep one or two of this brush in your kit. Aside from filling your brows and giving you’re the perfect cat eye, this brush can also be used to remove mascara lumps.

Achieving that flawless makeup look is now one step easier now that you know what makeup brushes to use and fill your beauty bag with.

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