6 Hot Tips for Grilling in the Rain

Although the weather in Singapore is almost always sunny, there are still some days when rain is inevitable. If this unfavourable weather condition decides to take place on the day of your barbecue party, it would be wise to know how you’re going to come up with a solution and would still be able to keep the party going.

For those who want to keep warm and have fun amidst the cold weather by grilling outside for some tasty otah and satay, here are some tricks to properly grill in the chill.

1. Bring the Hit Up

Rainy weather does not only give you soggy shoes and pants, it also causes your grill’s temperature to drop. To make sure you won’t run out of fire, store a bit more fuel and charcoal, and minimize opening the grill as the heat escapes every time the grill cover is removed.

2. Cover Up

Unless you can manage to hold an umbrella, grill lid, and set of thongs with your two hands, looking for a sturdy covering can make cooking with the food from Singapore’s http://www.cmyfood.com/ under the drizzle a lot easier. A pop up canopy or a patio umbrella with weighted base is perfect form of protections from the drizzle, ensuring your grill stays dry the entire time.

3. Warm Up the Grill in Advance

Cold weather makes warming up of the grill or barbecue smoker much longer. Since this part is the most important part of the preparation stage, make sure to allocate ample time to heat your grill. You don’t want to struggle with sticking food on grates if you skip this part. Also, if you aim for perfect sears, you will not get that if your grates aren’t hot.

4. Block the Wind

Rain usually comes with wind. Same with the rain hitting your grill, wind can blow away your grill’s temperature and cause it to drop, so consider securing pieces of plywood that you can use as windbreak. Also, remember that if you using a pop-up canopy, the wind can blow it away. So, consider buying plastic buckets that you can fill with water and can be strapped to every foot of your canopy.

5. Consider the Meat

As mentioned, wind and rain can both cause unstable grill temperature, which makes a perfectly seared barbecue very difficult to achieve. If you’re foreseeing rainy weather days before the event, plan for foods that can be easily cooked with slow grilling. Check your bbq wholesale provider for easy-to-grill meat cuts, such as chuck roast and rib racks. Not only these bbq meats require less supervision, but less frequency of having to open the lid while grilling helps maintain the grill’s internal temperature.

6. Put Grilled Foods in Cast Iron Pan

A smart tip to keep grilled foods warm is to put them in a cast iron pan that’s warmed up on the grill. Cast iron is a good heat conductor and therefore can keep the food warm for longer time if not served right away. Just make sure though to use a good glove if working with an iron pan. As cooked barbecues come off the grill, like burgers and sausages for example, place them in the pan and put the lid back. Let the people help themselves for a warm and tasty barbecue food.

If after all these tips you’re still in doubt, perhaps your barbecue party would be best left to the professionals. Skip the hassle and hire a bbq catering provider instead. These professionals have catered events in all sorts of weather, so you’re assured that they’re well-skilled and are able to deliver impressively even under the most unfavourable of circumstances. Bbq catering companies in Singapore are equipped with the most appropriate grilling gear and techniques that could make your grilling party in the rain the hottest event in town.

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