5 Ways to Fix a Rain-Drenched Blowout

Getting drenched in the rain is definitely the last thing you’d want to experience, especially if you just treated yourself to a good hair blowout. Not only will it ruin your new smooth hairstyle, it’ll also render the time, money and effort you spent on your blowout useless. Still if you can’t avoid being rained on, we’ve got a few things that you can use to save you and your blowout.


  1. Blot Dry It First. If you don’t blot dry it quickly, the moisture trapped in your strands will quickly turn into frizz – but don’t use towel to rub your hair dry though, as it’ll only exacerbate your problem. It’ll only further rough up your cuticles, resulting to a major hair frizz. Instead, use a soft shirt or an absorbent towel to squeeze out any moisture in your hair.
  1. Address the Problem Immediately. The faster you get the moisture off your hair the better, since the longer your hair stays damp, the more time frizz has to develop in your strands. If you can’t possibly use a blow-dryer, try to using a soft towel or a hand dryer to suck out as much moisture as possible.
  1. Twist Your Hair Into Sections. Another good way to save your hair from frizz brought by the rain is by evenly distributing an anti-frizz cream through your hair and twisting it into mid-sized sections. Don’t twist or scrunch it repeatedly though, as it’ll only create more frizz. The controlling cream combined with the twisting action will aid in forming your style instead of leaving your hair on its own.


  1. Work with Your Hair’s Texture. Unfortunately, there’s a small chance that you’ll be able to recover the silky, smooth finish of your blowout after being drenched in the rain, so might as well embrace the messier and rougher look that you have now. Work on your hair’s new texture by distributing a generous amount of volumizing mousse over your damp hair, or misting it with your texturizing spray once it dries out.
  1. Use a Dry Shampoo. Dry shampoo is the solution to almost any hair problem, including post-rain blowout problems. Even being exposed to a little drizzle can already give your hair an oily and dirty-looking finish Luckily, you can prevent this by just dousing the some dry shampoo over your roots to fluff your hair up and finishing it with some smoothing serum or cream to get a major volume minus the frizz.

Being drenched in the rain after getting a hair blowout is an absolute mood buster. Luckily, you can now do the aforementioned tricks to keep yourself from looking like a hot mess and still get the most out of your blowout sans the hair frizz.


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