5 Tricks to Keep Your Fitness Resolution

Keeping a New Year’s resolution is difficult enough, what more if your resolution involves getting fit and achieving some fitness goals. Well, you might’ve been able to keep up with your fitness goals for a month or so, but eventually got tired of doing it on a daily basis. If this is case, then don’t stress out yourself. There’s still enough time to get back on track and finish your year as a healthier and more responsible person.


  1. Get a Workout Buddy. Two reasons why your workout goals die faster than your favourite character in Game of Thrones? Zero accountability and boring workout routines – and a simple way to get rid of these reasons is to get a workout buddy. Pairing up with someone who shares your fitness goal won’t just make your workout fun, it’ll also hold you accountable. Before you start working out, list down the goals that you want to achieve and share it with each other. It’s even better if you do weekly meetings to discuss your progress.


  1. Ditch Your Treadmill Runs. If you dread running on the same treadmill every day, then ditch it and look for a better and more upbeat alternative. Some of the best alternatives include engaging in Zumba lessons, and taking Pilates or yoga classes. By doing any of these workouts, you’ll be able to move and exercise your body without being stuck to a workout machine.


  1. Download a Fitness Goal-Setting Application. One of the simplest ways to achieve your fitness goals is to write them down. Good thing is, there are numerous mobile apps that can help you stay on top of your goals. Whether you’re planning to run more miles, eat better or just be active in general, you can now track your progress using applications like Breeze, Habit List and Human.


  1. Start With Mini-Goals First. Aiming for smaller goals first before moving on with the bigger ones will help make your workout seem more attainable and less daunting. You don’t run a marathon at one go, you do it a mile at a time. Just remember that whatever you’re aiming to achieve this year, ensure that it’s specific, attainable, time-bound and relevant.


  1. Create a Reward System. Before hitting the gym, make sure that you have some kind of reward to wrap your sweat session. Whether it’s grabbing a green juice with your fitness buddy or a latte with your sister, having an immediate reward to look forward to will make it easier for you to crank out an extra set of push-ups.

Keeping a fitness resolution is really challenging, but following these tricks, you’ll definitely be able to stay on top of your workout routine and fitness goals. Cheers to a fitter and healthier year!



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