5 Tips in Acing a No-Makeup Makeup Look

One of Holy Grail goals in applying makeup is to actually look like you’re not wearing any. It’s like you simply woke up with rosy lips, long lashes and a dewy complexion. But since this is quite difficult to achieve without wearing a little bit of makeup, we’ve put together some easy tips and tricks that will help you nail that no-makeup makeup look that will leave everyone wondering just where you got your glow from.


  1. Keep the Foundation Light. You don’t really need to completely skip on applying your foundation, but be careful in applying it though as it can be an instant giveaway that you’re actually wearing makeup. Before applying, test three foundation shades on your cheeks first to get the perfect tone you’re looking for, and as you start applying, use the five-dot method (forehead, two cheeks, nose, and chin) to apply it evenly.
  1. Practise Spot Conceal. A great way to trick everyone with your no-makeup makeup look is to spot conceal. Instead of going big with your concealer, focus on the small areas that needs it the most. You can also make it last all day long by eliminating excess oil with powder, then applying concealer over it again.


  1. Stick With Neutral Eye Shadows. If you want to ace your no-makeup makeup look, then open up your eyes using earthy shades of eye shadow instead of bold colours. You can also apply some liner on your top lash and waterline to make your lashes look fuller and longer. For your mascara, dust your lashes with some powder before applying it. This will keep your mascara from getting too clumpy and wet.
  1. Highlight Your Features. A good way to achieve that dewy complexion is to highlight the best features of your face. Doing this doesn’t just accentuate your face, but also keeps your skin looking dewy instead of dry and matte.
  1. Opt for a Tinted Lip Balm. Keeping your lip colour within a shade or two of your natural lip colour is the way to go to achieve that no-makeup makeup look. Tinted lip balms are ideal for this, since they are translucent, and are great for keeping your lips hydrated with an extra hint of colour.

The no-makeup makeup look is definitely the best look that can bring out your natural beauty. With just a little makeup and these simple tricks, you can already bring out your natural glow without hinting everyone around you that you’re actually wearing some makeup.


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