5 Hacks to Up Your Tinder Game

Tinder isn’t that different from any other methods of meeting and picking up girls. The only tricky part about it is its dating online, meaning ladies are using it with a serious scepticism. Plus, you don’t have much time to make an impression – some photos, a little text, and that’s it. So if you’ve been living a rather matchless existence on this dating app, here are some tricks that could possibly help up your Tinder game a few notch.

1. Put Out Your Best Photo
You only get to make one first impression – and in the case of Tinder, that’s your first profile image. If your photo doesn’t intrigue a potential match, then you already lost. To keep that from happening, ensure that your first image is attention-grabbing. That way, your potential match with either instantly swipe right, or at least check your profile to read your bio and view your other photos.

2. Talk About Her
A perfect opening line for your first message should be tailored for your match. Instead of using the usual canned opening lines, talk about the details in her bio or photo. This way, you get to immediately make her feel special. Be sure to comment about her profile, but don’t just focus on her looks. Talk about her interests, her current location, or any mutual friend that you have to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

3. Stop Beating Around the Bush
It’s only natural to include some small talks when you first start a conversation, but don’t wait too long to escalate your conversation. If your potential match is responding to your chit-chats, it only means she’s interested to know more about you. Keeping your conversations casual for too long will only cause that interest to dissipate. So while you still have her attention, move your conversation off Tinder and go for the kill (date).

4. Practise the Two-Option Close
A two-option close is simply providing your potential match two date options, and letting her choose whichever she prefers. Avoid asking a girl “want to go on a date this weekend?” It lacks confidence and that could turn your potential match off. Instead, say something like “Let’s grab coffee this week. I’m free on Wednesday afternoon or Sunday evening. Which works best for you?” Be sure to keep things light and playful, but be confident and assertive at same time.

5. Follow Up
When scheduling a date several days in advance, it’s not enough to simply show up. Check in with the person the day before or the morning of your date. Keep your conversation short and light, just enough to let her know that you’re looking forward to meeting her. This will help ease her mind, and give her the impression that you’re someone who can take good care of her.

Taking your Tinder game a step further isn’t as difficult as you think. So start implementing these tricks into your Tinder profile and dating strategy, and see how fast you’ll score more matches and dates.