5 Everyday Essentials You Should Never Keep In Your Bathroom


Finding a place to store your items is one way to keeping your home organized. However, finding the ‘right’ place for these things is the key to protecting you and your family from health risks, as well as lengthening the shelf life of some of these items. Unless you’re aiming to ruin them, these five everyday essentials should never be stored anywhere in your bathroom.


  1. Medicine

While medicine cabinets are named for a reason, prescription drugs should be stored away from the moisture and at room temperature—anywhere between 68 and 77 degrees. If not stored in a cool, dry place, the drugs can lose its effectiveness. Save the medicine cabinet for your first aid items, like adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, ointments, and other non-drug medical items.

  1. Make-Up

As what our beauty gurus recommend, make-up should be stored at room temperature. Therefore, the ever-changing temperature of the bathroom—from warm when someone’s taking a hot bath to cool when not in use—isn’t ideal for prolonging the shelf life of your beauty products. Perhaps, this is just another reason to get that fabulous vanity with mirror lights you’re long eyeing at Ikea.

  1. Spare Razors

Don’t dull out your blades before you even put it to action. Keep dry razors out of the bathroom to avoid humidity from dulling the blades. Also, drying the razor you’re currently using in between uses is a good idea as well to keep it sharp for longer time.


  1. Linens

Since the bathroom is a moist environment, expect mold and mildew to grow often. And since we don’t want these disease-causing microorganisms to accumulate in hidden nooks of the bathroom, keep linens (which is susceptible to mold and mildew growth) in a cabinet faar from the bathroom. Another tip, keep the exhaust fan running as much as possible to air out the space and dry used towels.

  1. Nail Polish

If you want to maximize the two-ear shelf life of your nail polishes, do not store them in the bathroom, where the temperature is constantly changing. Instead, stash them in a drawer in your vanity or somewhere with stable temperature.

Knowing what items to keep and not to keep in the bathroom not only helps in taking care of your things, but also avoids cluttered space and maintains cleanliness of the room. Start re-organizing your bathroom and make sure these five items are moved into the right places.


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