4 Common Mistakes When Buying Wedding Rings

Marriages are said to be prearranged in heaven. And one of the most priced items associated with marriage is the wedding ring. However, when shopping for the ring, there’s no heavenly intervention that will suggest about the type of ring to purchase. A great amount of thought, money, energy, and time is required when buying the perfect rings.


Normally, soon-to-be-married Singapore couples are in total excitement that they unconsciously make some mistakes when going on a ring shopping spree. Don’t fall into these traps by knowing the most common mistakes that couples often commit when purchasing a wedding band. Unlike an engagement ring, wedding bands come in pairs, which can be a very costly mistake when not observed and avoided accordingly.

1. Getting Emotional with the Purchase

Your wedding band could be one of the most expensive investments you’ll make in your entire life; therefore, treat it like any of your serious business decisions. The most important rule to keep in mind is not to get too emotional with the ring purchase. Never be fooled by jewelers who tie your love for your fiancé on the price of the ring you’ll purchase. The price of the ring doesn’t dictate how much you love your sweetheart, so choose carefully a pair of band that is reasonably priced and within your budget

2. Matching It with the Engagement Ring

Oftentimes, couples — particularly the bride – insist on buying a wedding band that matches the proposal ring. However, many proposal rings are especially designed to stand alone and don’t look as appealing when worn with an elaborate wedding band. If you want a matching engagement and wedding ring, it would be best to purchase all the rings at once. Purchasing them separately only gives you the slightest chance to come up with a coordinated wedding ring.


3. Shopping at the Last Minute

Last minute shopping is not the best idea for planning a wedding. Frantic searching and impulsive buying are a sure hit to making costly ring mistakes. The best way to get a good catch is to start your search early. Allow several months to visit Singapore jewelry shops like Ling jewellery wedding bands in Singapore and browse through magazines and online catalogues for ideas of what ring setting and design to have. If planning for custom-made wedding bands, start your search anywhere between eight to ten months, as it is more time-consuming and requires extensive processes.

4. Purchasing for Surprise

For gentlemen who want to surprise their sweethearts, make sure to have all essential facts to guide you in buying the perfect rings. For some couples, the engagement ring is already enough for a surprise, and purchasing the wedding rings is something that should be done together. If possible, avoid buying the wedding bands alone so as not to waste the hard-earned money and not to spoil this once-in-a-lifetime purchase. There’s nothing wrong with surprises, but wearing a ring that both you and your beloved choose is far more important than the temporary feeling of surprise.