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5 Reasons Why You Missed Your Period

We’ve all been there: Noticing that your period is a week late and jumping into conclusion that you might be pregnant. From there, you end up purchasing as many pregnancy kits as you can use, costing you a lot of money and stress. But we have some news for you: A missed or late period doesn’t instantly mean you’re pregnant. Oftentimes it does, but the absence of your monthly menstruation could also be caused by any these reasons.

  1. You Exercise Too Much

Working out is great, but exercising excessively could have some detrimental effects on your body. Pushing yourself too hard every time you work out could keep your body from producing enough oestrogen to complete a menstrual cycle, leading to missed periods.  Dancers, gymnasts and professional athletes are a greater risk of experiencing amenorrhoea, a condition where you miss your period three months in a row.

  1. You Are Too Stressed Out

Overly stressed lately? If so, then that could be the reason you missed your menstrual cycle. Stress caused by a breakup, a busy job or a troubled family life could cause a condition known as hypothalamic amenorrhoea. This condition occurs when the hypothalamus, the part of the brain in-charge of regulating your menstrual hormones, is severely affected by stress – thus, resulting to a late or missed menstrual cycle.


  1. You’ve Done SomeLifestyle Changes

Although this goes hand-in-hand with stress, something as simple as travelling, changing hours at work or waking up earlier than usual could actually lead to a skipped menstrual cycle. These changes could interfere with your body clock, which helps in regulating your hormones. This typically causes one skipped period, but as your body starts getting used to your new schedule, your menstrual cycle will also return to normal.

  1. You Might Be Ill

Having a serious or a simple illness, such as a common cold, could also keep you from getting your menstrual cycle. Your body will likely prioritize certain body functions until you’ve fully recovered from the illness, which means it might sacrifice your period to fight off the infections and keep you as healthy as possible.

  1. You’re Going Through Premature Menopause

Some women go through a condition called premature menopause which prevents them from getting menstrual cycles for the rest of their life. This is when a woman under the age of 40 experiences the symptoms of menopause like being unable to get pregnant and not having a period every month. Premature menopause is often caused by an illness, by genetics or even medical procedures.


Missing a period could be caused by various reasons other than being pregnant. So if you’re period is already several weeks late and you’ve tested negative on the pregnancy test, it’d be best for you to visit your gynaecologist to ensure that everything is A-Okay.

Top 8 Hawker Centres in Singapore


Your trip of exploring Singapore won’t be complete when you don’t use all your five senses. You’ve seen, heard, touched, and smelled Singapore; now, it’s time you taste it!

Like its culture and history, Singapore offers you a hot pot of varieties. When I tell you varieties, I really mean it. Since this country has become home to different racial communities, it is not odd to find different cuisines from different parts of the country. There’s always a new picture of what Singapore is to you!

The best foods in the country are not even the priciest ones so there’s no excuse to not indulge in it. Every taste your palate identifies brings you back to the time when this country has just started. It introduces you to tradition and leads you to the stories of how it embraced technology and innovation all at the same time – it simply makes you know what Singapore really is.

You can find these various foods in hawker centres or food courts. Here are 8 hawker centres that you should really check out to give justice to this adventure:

  1. Chinatown Complex Food Centre: Located in Smith Street, this hawker centre is the largest among its kind catering to 260 stalls offering multi-ethnic cuisines. Not only do you get a variety but you also get a run for your money.


  1. Maxwell Food Centre: Tian Tian Chicken Rice is one of its mostly-visited tenants because of its Hainanese chicken rice. Another stall, Zhen Zhen, is well known for its rice porridge.


  1. East Coast Lagoon Food Village: Just near the sea, this venue offers you a relaxing ambiance and great food. Must-try foods are barbecue-pork noodles, vermicelli in satay sauce, and curry puffs.


  1. Makansutra Gluttons Bay: The name itself gives you the idea of eating your heart out till your tummy couldn’t take it anymore. This hawker centre houses 10 of the best stalls in all of Singapore.

  1. Tekka Centre: This hawker centre offers you Indian, Malay, and Chinese foods. This place is mostly visited for breakfasts – good food in the morning will give you a good kick start for another day of adventure!


  1. Old Airport Road Food Centre: As the one of the largest and the oldest, it surely will give you a taste of food that has been passed generation to generation. It also houses the country’s best soya beancurd stalls.


  1. Tiong Bahru Market Hawker Centre: This newly renovated food court is ready to cater to new stalls and more people. It is known for its chwee kueh stalls who offer the best water rice cakes in Singapore.


  1. Chomp Chomp Food Centre: Known as the satay capital of Singapore, the Chomp Chomp Food Centre caters to the hungry till later hours daily.

6 Must-Haves Before You Turn 40


They say that life begins at 40. It is the time that you get serious and dedicate all your energy to be secure both financially and emotionally. Here in Singapore, many 40 years old have the following things:

  1. Own properties: When you are working, whether you are twenty or thirty years old, the society expects you to be living on your own and eventually have your own family. After marriage, your first goal should be to acquire your own home. If it is mortgaged, by the time you reach 40, it should be fully paid.


  1. Outstanding credit score: When you were young, you tend to be a compulsive buyer thereby gathering debts everywhere. When you reach 40, you already know how to discipline yourself. Make sure that you leave nothing but outstanding credit score. It would be very stressful still paying your debts at this age. This is the time that you should be thinking about education and emergency fund of the family.


  1. Steady stream of income: By this time, you should not be completely clueless as to where to get money. If you are really serious about a steady source of income, as early as possible, you need to learn budgeting and investing. Remember that financial management is not an exact science – it takes time and discipline.

  1. Diversifying investment portfolio: Now that you have a steady source of income, investment follows. As your source of income solidifies, your financial ability gets stronger. Investing your money instead of letting it sit in the back is a good thing. Financial experts would advise you to diversify your investment and not focus everything in one place. Many things are worth investing here in Singapore if you are really serious about this.


  1. Get covered through insurance: By now you are aware that life is really unpredictable. You will not know what will happen in the next few days and that is enough reason to have insurance. You do not want to spend so much money for unfortunate events, right?


  1. Secure your retirement: If you secure your retirement fund as early as possible, you have the freedom to stop working when you want to. Do not wait when you are 40 just to build your retirement fund. If this is the case, you will be finished maybe when you are 60 or 70. That is kind of troubling.

When you reach 40, it is considered your “prime” years. If you prepared for it, you will not have problems. Remember that the earlier you establish your life, the easier it will be when you reach 40 and eventually retirement.

How to Avoid Antibiotic Resistance


There is one pressing concern in the health sector these days – that is, forming an antibiotic resistance. You would not dream of having this because it can do more harm than good. Antibiotics are a gift to mankind. The fact that it can fight bacteria to make you better helps a lot but what if you form some kind or resistance to it?

Many Singaporeans depend on antibiotics to cure infections brought about by bacteria. Antibiotics are developed to battle infections perpetrated by bacteria. Antibiotic is designed either to kill the bacteria or prevent it from growing and multiplying. If the bacteria try to resist or repel the antibiotic, you have formed the resistance. The resistance happens when the bacteria kind of outsmart the drug or antibiotic.

How do bacteria become resistant? That is not a mystery and it should be addressed immediately. Treating it is expensive therefore you have to know ways so you can avert it. Before anything else, you should know that you can encourage antibiotic resistance through misuse or overuse of antibiotics. How should you protect yourself from antibiotic resistance? Here are the things that you can do:

  • Express your concern: Whenever your doctor prescribes an antibiotic, you have to express your concern about antibiotic resistance. Do not worry because your doctor will not take it against him/her. You are just concerned and there is nothing wrong with that.


  • Ask for an alternative: Expressing your concern can help because your doctor will know that you are thinking of antibiotic resistance. With this, you have to ask for an alternative. It is better to ask for alternative. Doctors surely know alternative things. You have to ask if there are other steps you can consider to feel better without using antibiotics.


  • Take it as prescribed: Remember one cause of the resistance is misuse. When your doctor prescribes it, you have an obligation to follow it. This is to make you feel better. Take it as prescribed so you won’t have any complications in the long run.


  • Request for vaccines: You do not want to take antibiotics so you will not form any resistance. What you can do instead is to request for vaccines to prevent the proliferating of the bacteria. Ask your doctor about possibly vaccines for the family.


  • Use it smartly: Antibiotic only works for bacteria. Do not use it as a relief for viral infection like flu or cold. It is best to follow the doctor and not act as a doctor.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Seen in Resumes


Work is important here in Singapore. You want to help the household and you want to be productive. You cannot be dependent forever so it is time that you consider actually making your resume and have a mature job. So you decided to make your resume and started giving it out waiting patiently for feedbacks. Days turned to weeks and still not a word so you wondered.

Have you considered reviewing your resume? Maybe there is something wrong with how you write your resume. You have to realize that sometimes, there are things you write in the resume that are turn-offs. Your resume is crucial because it serves as your tool and if it is annoying, it will surely hurt your chances of getting that specific job.

Do not let your resume get tossed in the trash because it also means trashing all your expectations and dreams. There are three errors that you should avoid when making resumes. If you know these three errors, you will have greater chances of landing a job. So, here they are:

  1. Poor writing and presentation

If you ask the hiring officer, they will immediately say that they have seen too many resumes with unprofessional fonts, irrelevant information, out dated information and other typos. Do not think about starting everything with bullets. This is about presentation.

As for the writing, do not be lazy and just consider bullets. Bullets will make you “lazy”. You have to take a few minutes and actually write a sentence that explains the things that you accomplished. You have to convince the reader that you were successful in all your functions. It doesn’t have to be flowery. You just need to get straight to the point.

  1. Putting too much information

You have to know that sometimes less is more. You do not need to expound things. The trick here is to find a word or two that speak it all however do not try to fit everything onto one page. Your 5 to 10 years of experience should not be crammed in one page. Be sure not to make a narrative though.

  1. Overlooking LinkedIn

LinkedIn is actually a professional network that lets you get connected to a number of people. The goal of the company is to connect professionals and make them more successful. It would solidify your chances if you join LinkedIn because it will speak of you however there are some who overlook it. Make sure that whatever things you put there are true and it coincide with your resume. Do not convey two different messages.

Kitchen Worktop: What to Consider When Buying One


The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. It’s a place where you can cook, eat, and also bond with your loved ones. It’s also one of the first parts of the house that comes to mind when it comes to renovation. With that being said, it’s just reasonable to find only the best equipment and parts of the kitchen, especially the kitchen worktop. If you still don’t have a worktop installed in your kitchen, then this post is for you. Below, you’ll find out what to consider when buying a kitchen worktop.

Things to Remember When Buying Worktops:

  1. Make sure it fits and goes well with your kitchen.Of course, you wouldn’t want the worktop to look out of place in your kitchen. If you’re just planning to have one installed in your kitchen that is already established, consider a worktop that will go well with the current theme or style of your kitchen. You may take a picture of your kitchen and make it as a reference when buying one.

If you’re looking for a worktop to put in your kitchen that is being renovated, however, you have a wider range of choices since you can coordinate everything well and you have less restrictions as to what will look good and go well with your whole kitchen. It’s also important to get the exact size and dimension of where you want your kitchen worktop to be installed.

  1. Set a spending limit. You wouldn’t want to spend all your money in buying just one worktop, right? That’s why it’s always important to set a budget or a spending limit whenever you’re buying things, not just worktops.


  1. Buy only from a reputable shop. This is also applicable when buying all sorts of things. Since a kitchen worktopwill be part of your daily lives once you have it installed, you must make sure that you will only be buying high quality ones from reputable and trusted shops.

You wouldn’t want your worktop crumbling down once you put your kitchen equipment and essentials on it, would you? In order to know whether they are really reputable, they must be able to provide different gateways on how a client can get in touch with them. Also, they must be able to provide you with different mode of payments.

Indeed, one can’t buy just any worktop. Buying one still needs careful thinking and consideration in order to obtain the best kitchen worktopavailable in the market. Don’t think that you’re being too picky. Just follow the three things stated above and you will surely have the best worktop for your kitchen.

How important are Counter Surveillance Measures?

Everyone uses their smartphones for almost everything. It is utilised for communication, business works, entertainment, and other things. Along with the benefits of using phones is the possibility of being bugged. That is why many individuals are using counter surveillance to keep their phones protected from these nasty bugs.

But, before anything else, do you know what counter surveillance is?

Counter surveillance pertains to the processes carried out to avoid or boycott surveillance. Back then, this is just utilised by big firms and government agencies to keep their information from harmful hackers as well as their rivals. But now, any person can use it as everyone is now vulnerable to being bugged.

Counter surveillance often includes techniques like the detection of surveillance tools and bug sweeping or technical surveillance countermeasures (TCSM). Technical surveillance countermeasures is the more technical term to electronic bug sweeping. In case your phone has any trace of bugs, your preferred counter surveillance company should eliminate it and do other kinds of countermeasures to prevent it from taking place again. This technique is kind of complicated and only professionals can do this.

Now, the signs of phone bugging are rather common and simple that you have probably encountered them yet ignored them. Continue reading to find out whether your phone’s a victim of bugging and to discover if you need to have bug detection and perhaps, a bug sweeping service now.

Signs That You’re Phone Has Been Bugged

  1. You’re having trouble shutting down your phone. This is one of the most common signs that the phone has been tapped. Since it is being used to spy on you, the individuals who planted the bug are most likely focused listening to your calls or getting your documents that is why the shutdown process is being delayed. In most instances, the backlight stays on even if you already turned off your phone. If you have noticed that this occurs quite a lot, then maybe bug detection is a good course of action. Or maybe you just need to have your phone checked out for problems.
  2. You hear clicking and static noises when you make and receive calls. Most likely, you’ve seen this happen a lot in films. And although it has been slightly exaggerated and sensationalised by shows, this still is one indicator that maybe someone is eavesdropping and documenting your calls. If there are unusual noises, it may be an indicator that your phone call has been passed on to somebody else who’s going to listen to your conversation.
  3. You receive coded text messages. This is actually a clear sign that an intruder has accessed your message logs. Buggers also make use of this to contact the people and make them aware that they’ve been bugged. If you ever receive coded messages, better check out a surveillance agency and acquire their bug sweeping process immediately.

The indications are quite common, any individual can experience them. You might like to acquire counter surveillance methods right away, however, you mustn’t rush into conclusions without collecting a sufficient amount of proof. Be vigilant all the time and get assistance from dependable surveillance companies if necessary.

Aloe Vera Gel as a Stretch Mark Treatment

Other than acne, stretch marks is one of the most common skin condition that concerns women. Stretch marks are skin scarring that occur as a result of pregnancy or rapid weight gain/loss. Luckily, you can now get rid of this pesky skin problem with the help of the miracle plant aloe vera. Not only is this plant effective, it also gives quick results. Read on to get a better understanding on how effective the aloe plant is when it comes to dealing with stretch marks.

Why Aloe Vera Gel is a Good Treatment

Apart from being a great natural remedy for acne, aloe vera gel Singapore also works wonders as a treatment for stretch marks because of its following properties.

1. Vitamin E
As shown in research, aloe gel is loaded with vitamin E, which aids in reducing the number of stretch marks you may get. Aside from being a good preventive measure, the vitamin E on the plant also nourishes the skin, helping it to stay healthy and moisturized.

2. Hormones
Aloe vera contains two different hormones: gibberellins and auxins. These hormones aid in reducing inflammation, while acting as a growth hormone that replenishes healthy skin cells.

3. Collagens
Using aloe vera gel in Singapore to treat stretch marks is a common practice because of the collagen it contains. These collagens are said to help increase skin elasticity and assist in giving the body the collagen it needs, thus preventing stretch marks from occurring.

4. Healing and Prevention Qualities
The key to preventing and healing stretch marks is the vitamins that aloe vera gel in Singapore contains. Mixing the gel with extra vitamins and oil help in enhancing its stretch mark healing qualities.

How to Apply Aloe Vera on Stretch Marks

Aloe vera is a natural ingredient that doesn’t just prevent stretch marks, but also reduce and eliminates it. Its gel is known to heal various skin problems, including stretch marks. Applying it early enough is said to help the tiny rips heal much faster.

There are several ways on how you can use aloe vera for stretch marks. You can just purchase an aloe gel or extract at a local Singapore market, or you can prepare your own solution at home. All you have to do is mix some aloe gel with four tablespoons of olive oil and liquid extract from vitamins A and E capsules. After mixing all the ingredients together, apply it all over the affected area, and gently massage it for several minutes. Doing this regularly will help prevent stretch marks from appearing, and fade the already existing ones.

DIY Aloe Vera Masks for Stretch Marks

As mentioned earlier, aloe vera works wonders as stretch mark remedy and for this very reason, we’ll give you two recipes of homemade aloe gel masks that you can easily and quickly make at home.

1. Aloe Vera and Honey Mask
Alone, aloe vera is already amazing for treating stretch marks, but when paired with honey, its amazing effect doubles. To create the mask, simple beat a cup of aloe vera pulp using a mixer then add two teaspoons of honey and two teaspoons of almond oil as well. Beat all the ingredients until the mixture turns into a compact paste. Once you’re done, apply it all over the area with stretch marks and let it sit for half an hour before rinsing with warm water. Simply repeat the process twice or thrice a week, and see how your skin becomes smoother than before.

2. Aloe Vera and Avocado Mask
This is another option of an anti-stretch mark mask that you can create at home. All you’ve got to do is beat five tablespoons of aloe vera pulp and four tablespoons of avocado in different containers. After that, mix the mashed ingredients together and beat until everything is completely integrated; when it has formed a creamy paste, add a tablespoon of olive oil to make its texture a bit lighter. Apply the mask on the area with stretch marks afterwards, and let it sit for 30 minutes. Rinse it with warm water, and repeat the treatment twice or thrice a week.

3. Aloe Vera Gel and Coffee Mask
Using coffee and aloe gel is one of the easiest ways to lighten stretch marks, while tightening the skin to prevent them permanently. To make this mask, mix two to three tablespoons of ground coffee with freshly squeezed aloe vera gel. After that, evenly apply the mixture on the stretch marks and massage it for 2-3 minutes. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse it off with lukewarm water afterwards. Continue using the mask for a month to fade the stretch marks away.

4. Aloe Vera Gel and Lime Juice
Aloe gel when combined with lime juice, exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells which further fades the appearance of stretch marks. To create this amazing mask, combine clear aloe gel and add a few drops of lime juice to it. After that, apply the mixture on the affected area and wait for it to dry out before applying another layer of the concoction. Doing this will surely help in lightening your stretch marks and making them less visible.

5. Aloe Vera and Castor Oil
Using a combinational mixture of castor oil and aloe vera gel is of the effective ways of reducing appearance of stretch marks. The vitamin E present in the gel, as well as the ricinoleic acid found in castor oil repairs the collagen and works wonders in fading the stretch marks. Simply mix the aloe gel with a few drops of castor oil, and heat it in a pan for several minutes. Let the mixture cool down a bit before applying it on the stretch marks.

While aloe vera works wonders in fading and treating stretch marks, Singapore dermatologists still suggest having a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle to ensure that you maintain your ideal body weight, thus preventing stretching of skin and stretch marks.

4 Surprising Causes of Air Pollution


Just because there’s no smog, doesn’t mean you are surrounded with clean and unpolluted air. There actually many surprising ways we’re causing pollution to our environment but aren’t obvious, since there’s no sins of air contamination like smoke, smog or unpleasant smell.


Here are five surprising ways you could be causing harm to the environment—and changes you can do to make every circumstance greener.

  1. Being Unmindful of Your Electronics Settings

On average, homes in Singapore contain about 24 electronic devices, with computers, TVs, game consoles and cable boxes among the worst. When combined, they consume billions worth of electricity every year.

For a greener solution, tweak your TV’s and computer monitor’s brightness control. By lowering the brightness of the screens, you cut the energy use of the appliances for up to 50 percent. If you have smart TVs, disable the quick-start feature, which also consume extra power.

  1. Using Too Much Aluminum Foil

Singaporeans discard more than a million ton of aluminium—including foils, cans and containers—every year. While soiled containers are recyclable, aluminium foils are not and takes centuries to biodegrade.

When preparing food, try swapping aluminum foils with parchment paper. You can use unbleached parchment paper for roasting and baking, and for wrapping sandwiches and other snacks. It’s more eco-friendly as its compostable and biodegradable.


  1. Using Body Wash Every Day

Liquid body soaps require five times more energy for every production of the product, and need almost 20 times more energy for the packaging than ordinary bar soaps. Remember that higher energy consumption is usually linked to higher carbon footprint, making liquid bath soaps more harmful to the environment than bar soaps.

For a greener habit, use bar soaps instead. Not only they cause lower negative effects to the environment, but you’ll also use less of the product compared to its liquid counterpart.

  1. Using the Dryer and Dishwasher During the Day

These household machines are known to produce heat and humidity, causing your air conditioning unit to work harder. Other than that, many utility companies charge higher during peak hours of the day.

A more eco-friendly option is to run your clothes dryer and dishwasher during off-peak hours, perhaps around two o’clock in the afternoon, between eight in the evening and midnight, and before sunrise. For more efficiency, air dry thicker items, like towels and jeans, or use the lowest dryer setting.

Don’t despair. Although these things are some of the most common things we use and do at home, they are easy to remedy to minimize carbon footprint. Follow the solutions suggested, and you’ll not only help the environment but also ensure better air quality at home.


Health Goals: Knowing the World’s Healthiest Countries


There are many factors that can keep us from being healthy. Obesity for one has become a global problem and it should be resolved personally. Although there are many programmes put by the government, the result will still depend on the person at the end of the day. The Social Progress Index released their list of 2015 fattest countries in the world.

The number one spot went to Kuwait followed by Saudi Arabia, Belize, Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Qatar, Mexico and Bahrain. If you notice, most of the countries are Arab countries. Asia should be alarmed. This is the reason why Singapore is doing its best to stay healthy by encouraging the population to move.


Perhaps it would inspire the people if they know countries that are the healthiest. It is a good feeling to be dubbed as the healthiest country than the most obese, right? Samir Becic is a fitness expert and founder of the Health Fitness Revolution. He and his team scoured the world and identified countries that are the healthiest. Here is the list:

  1. Monaco: In Monaco, the life expectancy rate is 89.63 which is better compared to others. Monaco is healthy because the population is wealthy which means they can afford chefs to plan and prepare healthy meals for them.


  1. Japan: In Japan, the life expectancy rate is 84.19. Japanese are healthy because they prefer fish more than red meat. They also consume less dairy, butter, seaweed and plenty of vegetables. The best thing is that Japanese eat in small portions.


  1. Singapore: The life expectancy here is 84.07. There is no doubt that the government did most of its part by providing good environment for the people.


  1. Spain: Spain is the number four healthiest country in the world with life expectancy of 83.12. Portion control is famous for Spanish. They have this “tapas” which means small portioning of food. Aside from that, “siesta” also contributed to healthy living.


  1. Greece: Greece is number five healthiest country in the world with life expectancy of 82.98. Why are they healthy? Greeks are famous for their Mediterranean diet which consists of fish and olive oil. Greeks are also active on the water – which will serve as their exercise.

Greece is followed by Andorra with life expectancy of 82.58 then Switzerland with life expectancy of 82.28, Australia with life expectancy of 81.98, Italy with life expectancy of 81.95 and France with life expectancy of  81.56.

This should be enough to inspire all people around the world to be healthy and keep it that way for as long as we live.


Drive More Traffic to Your Site Through a Mailing List


If you believe that e-mail marketing is dead, think again. Just think about just how many sites you’ve visited that request you to join their mailing lists. Consider the volume of emails you receive daily from organizations all over different industries, spreading info on the services or products they have that could help make your life much easier. E-mail marketing continues to hold a good chance to expanding your clients, driving more visitors, and increasing your sales.


It shouldn’t be set aside. Thus, it’s essential to look into it and see ways to use it for your marketing plan. Because after all, everyone is on the Internet in these days. People no longer drive all over the town to seek out something they need. The very first thing they’ll do is go online and do their search then.

That’s one proof that powerful mailing lists Canada can be extremely helpful for your business. If you still doubt the advantages of mailing lists Canada, then below are few reasons why it really is more effective than any social networking account you’re utilising now. Your target market may have e-mail addresses but aren’t active in social media sites.

Given that e mail really is a basic need in this modern time specifically for working individuals, your target market will likely use theirs all the time. This provides you more opportunity to touch base with them. On social networking accounts, any modifications the platform apply may have an impact on your strategy or perhaps your contact lists. In the mailing list service, you’re in control. You may send them email and concentrate on the people which are really fascinated by the things you do.


You will be assured they will do scan their inbox and concentrate on the messages, unlike in social networking accounts where individuals may decide to concentrate only to their personal inbox but not care about the news feed that is more than likely where your content will be. It’s as well cost-effective therefore, you don’t need to be worried about it harming your financial allowance or compromising the rest of your marketing budget.

If perhaps you’re nervous you might be called a spammer, that’s most unlikely when you are sharing quality content. Likewise, when you got the people’s approval to mail those updates then they also wouldn’t view you as a spammer. If you are unaware how and where to get started on building your mailing list service, you should have a look at direct mail marketing tools accessible on the Internet.

You could ask some help from direct marketing experts to help you to build appropriate lists which is specifically tailored for your niche to enable you to talk with people who are prepared to buy and do business with you. These people understand that developing a money-making lead could be pretty hard especially for someone who is only getting started.

They do know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t apply to marketing lists since people would have special needs. They search hard so that information presented to you is accurate. For those who are targeting certain demographics for your mailing lists, then it won’t even be a problem. These lead generating experts have the ability to assist you. Seek for a professional direct marketing company today and start using e mail marketing to bring success to your business.


Choosing Christmas Wreath

When the most wonderful time of the year has come, people tend to set aside all the things that kept them busy during the first 11 months. The focus is now shifted to decorating the home to make it ready for the Christmas season. The usual decorations include an eye-catching Christmas tree, lanterns, blinking lights, candles, garlands, and mistletoes. With all these things enumerated, it is surprising that there is still one essential décor we can’t leave without; and that is a Christmas wreath.


A Christmas wreath is a ring-shaped adornment made of plants, flowers, and other colorful add-ons. It comes in different sizes, colors and designs. Some wreaths are also manufactured fresh with the use of live plants while most are artificially-made.

They are mostly hanged in doors, stairways, and walls. But in truth, it can be placed in any part of the house and it would still complement the other decors. It is so easy to use that even the kids can take part in the decoration process. To make this Holiday season even more memorable, we have compiled a list of things you should consider in choosing your Christmas wreath.

  1. Fresh or artificial wreaths?

First and foremost, decide if you want live wreaths and if you are ready to do the maintenance it requires. Fresh wreaths needs special care, the leaves and flowers will soon wither and would require replacement. Their scent however is their winning feature. Always keep an eye on your wreath because you wouldn’t want some dead plants hanging on your wall. On the other hand, if you are the very busy type, artificial wreaths will be ideal for you. Besides having little to no maintenance, they are cheaper and more durable than fresh wreaths. They can be left unattendedfor long periods and can be reused every year.


  1. Solid Structure

Once you’ve decided whether to buy fresh or artificial luxury Christmas wreath, get hold of the wreath you are eyeing and meticulously observe it. Ensure that it is of good quality. See to it that its weight is appropriate to its size. Having a solid structure means that the wreath was assembled with no hidden gaps which could be the cause of easy disfigure. It must be fully stuffed and constructed sturdily. The Christmas season is a long celebration, and you would need a decoration that will survive.

  1. Choose Waterproof Embellishments

Embellishments would include the ribbons, pines, cones, and holly attached on top or at the bottomof the wreath. The use of waterproof embellishments will ensure that they will stand bad weather. Be sure they are attached properly to the wreath to maintain its order and beauty.

  1. Design and color

Your choice on Christmas wreaths is all about style – yours! Choose a wreath in accordance to your home’s theme or colour scheme. You need to settle on complimenting colours so as not to confuse or distract your holiday guests. Consider your home’s overall tone and from there, decide your theme or paint the entire house altogether. The most common hues are green and red or red and gold. To create a winter wonderland theme for this year, opt for blue and silver wreaths while the rest of your decorations should be in those colours too. This sophisticated look is sure to wow everyone who enters your house.

  1. Size

Wreaths come in varied sizes, and people can get excited with their shopping that they tend to just get whatever is available. Decide where you are to place the wreath and go big or small depending on that space.

These days, there are so many stores offering Christmas wreaths. To narrow down your search without wasting time, effort, and car fuel driving around these shops, tries to buy Christmas wreath online. A lot of stores with online pages provide great pictures, design, shipping options, and many more. You can easily compare each shop as well as the many products without leaving your home. Shorten your shopping list by taking advantage of these online shops.

Christmas is the time when many people come to our house to visit so we must ensure that it’s in its best condition. We are very lucky that a lot of decorations are now readily available for our disposal. By now, we hope you have learned enough tips on how to choose the perfect Christmas wreath. Choose wisely and diligently. Follow each tip and you are sure to make this season much more enjoyable for everyone.


Money Matters: 5 Tips to Effectively Negotiate a Salary Increase


Negotiating for a salary raise has put more than a few stomachs into knots over the years. Sure, it can be extremely nerve-wracking but keep in mind that it’s a key to keeping you motivated to work and to fully understand your worth in the company. With that mind, we’ve listed down some simple negotiation tips for when it’s your turn to ask for a sweeter deal.


  1. Be Persuasive Enough

Forcing your boss to increase your salary can be difficult and trying to do so could potentially damage your supposedly good working relationship. So instead of just barging in his office to ask for a raise, think about a plan of how you could possibly convince him to approve your request – for instance, how it might turn out to be beneficial for the company to pay you more.

  1. Start Your Discussion With the Right Tone

An effective way to negotiate a raise is to start your discussing using the right tone. You’d want to let your boss know that you will listen and understand his views about your concern. At the same time, you also expect your boss to do same for you. Doing this will allow both you and your boss to work together to address this issue. As much as possible, avoid imposing ultimatums, saying threats or showing coercive behaviour as it won’t help in your negotiations.

  1. Think About Other Compensations Available

Despite your best efforts, there might be times where your company just can’t pay you more. You probably hit a salary cap for your level or the company might be cash strapped and are not offering any raises. During those situations, be prepared to negotiate for more than money. What other compensations would be meaningful for you? A flexible work schedule, more vacation time or days where you can just work from home? Know what you want to ask for if a salary increase is no longer an option.


  1. Respect the Silent Moments

Whenever you’re having conversations about money, expect that there will always be awkward and uncomfortable silences in between. But instead of filling those silent moments, learn to embrace them. Once you’re done stating what you want, give your boss a chance to collect his thoughts and respond to your request.

  1. Keep Your Negotiations on a Professional Level

It’s quite easy to get all emotional when you’re talking about money and your performance, but ensure that you keep your conversation with your boss on a professional level. Stick to facts and not on your emotions to ensure that your negotiation won’t get too personal – and you won’t burn bridges that can never be repaired.

Negotiating for a salary raise can really give anybody an anxious feeling, but putting these tips to work will surely help you in calming your nerves and in asking for sweet salary deal.

A Guide for Preparing for a Last-Minute Job Interview

Good news! A hiring manager called and asked you to come for an interview – this afternoon. You can reschedule all your appointments and tell your boss that you have an emergency appointment to the dentist, but in reality, you only have less than a day to prepare. Still, even if you only have 30 minutes to spare before your interview, you can still outshine the competition by following these easy interview prep tips.


  1. Check the Job Description for the Last Time

Because we’re too eager to click the ‘submit’ button, we often neglect the description of the job position we’re applying for. So when you’re about to go in for a last-minute interview, make sure that you scan the job posting for the last time. Remember some keywords that will help formulate answers that are aligned with the kind of employee that they want.

  1. Do a Quick Research on the Company

Never ever show up to a job interview – even if it’s a last-minute interview – without knowing at least three facts about the company you’re applying for. What are some of their important partnerships? Are they on the news lately? Do they have any new developments? Even something as simple as knowing the company’s mission and vision will help you immensely.

  1. Review Your Résumé

This is the part where people usually mess up. It’s similar to when people have cheat sheets for exam; they think that they no longer need to study since the cheat sheet already have the answers. Still, there’s always that one question that gets you and the answer isn’t on your cheat sheet. In short: Always make sure that you read up and review your CV before showing up to your job interview.


  1. Practice Out Loud

While on the way to your interview, practice describing yourself out loud. Speak clearly and ensure that you’re not appearing anxious. Put aside all those nervous laughs and habits that might appear distracting to your interview. If you’re still having problems controlling your jitters, start doing some breathing techniques, listening to your favourite song or talking to a friend before going inside.

  1. Keep Things Real

During the interview, make sure that you speak confidently about what you’re good at and what you can possibly contribute to their company. Avoid spinning a weakness into a strength as much as possible. Instead, talk about a weakness that you had and share how you overcame it through your previous jobs. Also, remind yourself to maintain eye contact throughout the interview and give a firm handshake to your interviewer once everything is done.

Being called for a last-minute job interview can be really more nerve-wracking than usual, but don’t let your nerves get the best of you. Simply put the aforementioned tips to work and you’ll definitely be able to ace that interview, regardless of how last-minute it was called for.


Foods That Might be Making You Feel Bloated

After a weekend of indulging on food, it’s not surprising that you’ll end up feeling bloated when Monday comes. However, belly-bloating foods work in various ways. Some of the things you eat increases gas in your stomach, making your stomach temporarily feel and look distended. Other foods, on the other hand, lead to long-term belly bloat due to an increased visceral fat storage. That said, we’ve listed down some of the common foods that might be making you feel bloated every once in a while.


  1. Whole Grains

Whole grains are known to be rich in fibre, and taking in too much fibre at once – without drinking enough water – can make it difficult for your system to digest. Still, we’re not telling you to stop eating complex carbohydrates; in fact, we’re encouraging you to eat it instead of pure carbohydrates like white rice. Just ensure that you give your body enough time to digest these complex carbs.

  1. Yogurt

Although it’s touted for the belly-calming probiotics it contains, there are certain types of yogurt that could be doing more harm than good. This is because dairy products often contain varying levels of sugar molecule lactose that gets fermented in your body and causes bloating. But this doesn’t mean that you should already avoid consuming yogurts completely. One of the safer choices is the plain Greek yogurt, which only contains 12 grams of sugar and lots of protein. Low- and non-fat yogurts, on the other hand, are loaded with 30 grams of sugar, making them a gassier choice.

  1. Beans

Resistant starch is a non-digestible fibre that’s naturally found in the outer shells of beans. To help you ease bean-inducing bloating, health experts suggest soaking the dried legumes overnight. Rehydrating them will help in breaking down some of the starch, so less of this non-digestible fibre makes its way to your colon.


  1. Artificial Sweeteners

Consuming artificial sweeteners is another known cause of belly bloating. Sweeteners that are found in chewing gums, such as xylitol and sorbitol, absorb slowly in the small intestine. As a result, these sugar alcohols cause cramping, gas, bloating and even diarrhoea.

  1. Cruciferous Vegetables

Anybody whose eaten broccoli salad probably knows the gassy effect it leaves afterwards. Cruciferous veggies like asparagus, cabbage and cauliflower contain a sugar called raffinose, which remains undigested until it reaches the large intestine. Your body needs to work even harder to break them down when you eat them raw. Still, there’s no need to completely cut them off your diet. Just make sure that you keep this in mind the next time you eat these veggies and you an event or meeting to attend to.

Feeling bloated cannot be completely avoided, but by knowing what foods to avoid or limit eating, you’ll definitely be able to lessen your chances of experiencing belly bloating.

Broccoli and Brussel Sprouts

Inexpensive Ways to Add Some Character to a Brand New Home

Purchasing a new home has its own benefits, but sometimes a fresh space can feel a bit soulless. Fortunately, it’s quite easy and inexpensive to add some depth and personality to your new space. Some decorative touches here and a few of your favourite piece there is already enough to give your new home the life of its own. That said, we’ve listed down some of affordable ways on how you can give some character to your space so it really feels like your own.


  1. Use a Bold Paint

Painting your walls with neutral colours sure are great, but don’t be so quick in dismissing the power of a bold paint colour. Bold walls immediately lend a distinctive personality to any home, not to mention that it’s one of the quickest and cheapest ways to transform a room. Just make sure that you test the colour beforehand, and see how it changes throughout the day to avoid any mishaps from occurring.

  1. Opt for Unique Wallpapers

Apart from using bold paints, wallpapers have always been a great option for adding some personality to your space. Although it used to be an out of reach option for most of us due to a limited budget and landlord restrictions, it’s now possible to find lots of removable and affordable wallpapers from hardware’s and home depot shops in Singapore. So whether you own or rent your space, purchase a wallpaper that will add the perfect touch of personality and whimsy to it.

  1. Incorporate Rustic Elements

Incorporating rustic elements, such as reclaimed woods, is a quick way to add both texture and colour to your home. Whether you use them to accent an entire wall or to decorate an open shelving, reclaimed woods will surely infuse some warmth and charm into your space without breaking the bank. Source out your wood locally or invest in a high quality one to save you a lot of energy and time in the long run.


  1. Try DIY Wall Mouldings

Perhaps some of the most charming rooms that you’ve seen in Pinterest are filled with beadboard, crown mouldings and board and batten. Fortunately, you can now have that same lovely look in your room by doing some DIY wall mouldings. Even if you don’t consider yourself as a DIY expert, there are a plethora of DIY tutorials that explain how you could possibly incorporate these elements to your home.

  1. Upgrade Your Light Fixture

No change will make a huge impact as swapping your standard ceiling fan or overhead lighting. Apart from improving the level of light in a particular room, an upgraded light fixture will also create a focal point that will make your entire home feel more special and customized. Even if you’re on budget, there’s a wide variety of incredible options available that are just under a hundred bucks.

Sprucing up and adding some character to your space isn’t really that challenging. All you’ve got to do is be creative in decorating your space and you can already make your space feel more like your own.


10 Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Plumber

When you encounter a plumbing issue at home, it is often necessary to contact a plumbing contractor to have him properly fix the problem. But when doing so, it can be helpful to know a few questions that you should ask your plumber to ensure that he will be able to provide you with all the necessary services at a reasonable price. With that in mind, we’ve listed down some of the main questions that you should consider asking your plumber beforehand.


1. Are you a licensed plumber?

One of the most important questions to ask a plumber is whether or not he is licensed. Being licensed proves that he is skilled and knowledgeable enough to take on and complete any task thrown at him. It also shows that the plumbing company he is from has passed the government testing. In addition, licensed plumbers also get to remain up to date with building codes, ensuring that the person you hired is knowledgeable about the current building practices.

2. Will you be able to provide a proof of insurance?

In addition to licensing, being insured is also a key factor in hiring a plumbing contractor as it provides the stability that is needed in case accidents or mistakes occur. Although it rarely happens, accidents, theft, and mistakes might occur, resulting to some serious problems when insurance is not present. If you call faber plumbers for your home in Singapore, a plumber like them with the right bonds and compensation insurance is capable of taking on any job risks without worrying of comimitting mistakes, or causing you to pay any unexpected costs.

3. What kind of guarantees and warranties are you offering?

A reputable and reliable plumber offers warranties and guarantees on the labour, and materials they’ll be using. Consider inquiring about the type of guarantee and warranty the plumbing company provides, so you won’t be held financially responsible in case problems will arise from their work.

4. How are your service charges calculated?

Some plumbing contractors in Singapore offer flat-rate pricing on a per job basis, while others charge at an hourly basis and by parts. Understanding how their service charge is calculated allows you to easily compare their prices with the other work estimates that you receive. While getting a reasonable service charge is important, also remember that going for the cheapest estimate doesn’t guarantee the best plumbing work result.

5. Can you provide a written estimate?

Another important question to ask is whether or not they can give you a copy of their written estimate. Ask for a detailed estimate that breaks down everything that is included in the plumber’s service charge. Doing this will eliminate the chances of being surprised by a larger bill upon the completion of the plumbing work. If you’re a bit unsure as to whether everything is included in the estimate, consider asking the plumber and don’t just assume.

6. Can you give me a list of your references, as well as your credentials?

One of the most important aspects in choosing a reliable plumber are his references, as this ensures that the person has a group of customers who are willing to acknowledge that his plumbing works are up to par. Apart from directly asking the plumber for references, it’s also a good idea to check some online review communities, the plumbing contractor’s social media sites, or the Better Business Bureau so you can get a better feel of your prospective plumber.

Other than references, knowing a plumber’s credentials is crucial as well. While it may not indicate quality workmanship, credentials show a plumber’s commitment to their trade as well as their adherence to professional, and modern building techniques and practices.

plumber mike penney

7. Do you offer emergency plumbing services?

There two distinct types of plumbing contractors in Singapore: those who offer 24-hour service work, and those who don’t. Plumbers who offer a 24-hour service focuses mainly on dealing with emergency plumbing work, while those who don’t offer such services typically don’t answer emergency house calls. So make sure that you find a reputable plumber for each type of plumbing services beforehand to save you from the stress and hassle of dealing with any plumbing issue.

8. What is your typical response time to your clients?

A quick response time is crucial for any emergency plumbing situation. Without getting a quick fix, plumbing issues can quickly destroy a home, exponentially adding to the costs as time goes by. Staying in contact with plumbing contractors who provide 24 hours plumber service can definitely be of great help in minimizing your plumbing problems and expenses.

9. Do you have any work specialties?

Knowing what a plumber’s specialties are beforehand will help you find a plumber that best suits your specific plumbing task. A plumber who is an expert at repair and service works might not be the best person to hire to get your plumbing remodelling job done. Figuring out what a plumber does best, and hiring them to do that specific task will ensure that your plumbing job is done right.

10. How long have you been in the plumbing business?

The longer a plumber or a plumbing contractor has been in the business, the more likely he is to have specific expertise and experience in fixing any plumbing issues. Being in the industry for many years also indicates that the contractor uses outstanding business practices.

Finding a plumber or plumbing contractor that best suits your needs is usually a matter of asking the right questions to make sure that you hire the right person for the task. Just make sure though that you avoid asking too many questions, and giving off an untrusting attitude as it’ll scare away any plumber before they even get to show you the kind of plumbing services that they provide.


Grooming Tips for Girls with Short Lashes

Having eyelashes that are short, difficult to curl, and grows downwards is a huge hurdle every time you do your eye makeup. You do your best to look for the best eyelash curler, and curling and lengthening mascaras, only to end up having a sad and droopy eyelashes at the end of the day. Worry not though, since here are five tips on how you can groom and manage those short eyelashes.


  1. Purchase the Right Tools

Although there are millions of eyelash curlers available in the market, finding the right one will surely make a huge difference in managing your lashes. If you have lashes that are quite difficult to curl, consider using a quality lash curler that perfectly fits the shape of your eyes. Eyelash curlers from Shiseido and Shu Uemura are a perfect fit for Asian eyes, assuring your lashes will get some curl.

  1. Use Eyelash Growth Serums

Achieve fuller fringes by swiping a lash serum before going to bed. You can also use the growth serum on your eyebrows to make your arches grow thicker.

  1. Regularly Change the Pads of Your Curler

You’ve probably heard the horror stories of women cutting or losing their eyelashes because of using old curler rubber pads. So make sure that you change your curler’s rubber pads every six months to avoid becoming one of those unfortunate ladies. Also, if you notice some product build up on the pad (hardened mascara or eyeliner), wash and disinfect it immediately.


  1. Layer Volumizing and Lengthening Mascaras

To get both volume and length without risking lash clumping, consider layering a volumizing and lengthening mascara over your eyelashes. If you want to save more time, we suggest using fibre mascaras to achieve fuller, longer, and perfectly curled lashes. Trust us, it’ll make you look like you’re wearing a pair of falsies.

  1. Curl Your Lashes After Applying Some Mascara

We know that this goes against the rule of curling your eyelashes prior to applying your mascara, but hear us out first. If you’re blessed with extremely stubborn lashes, consider applying your mascara and curling your lashes after the product has completely dried. Just make sure to curl your lashes as gently as possible to avoid cutting them off.

Although it might seem challenging at first, achieving fuller and longer-looking eyelashes is possible even if you’re blessed with short lashes. Just keep the aforementioned tips in mind so you can effortlessly manage your eyelashes the next time you do your eye makeup.


Step Up Your Makeup Game

5 Must-Subscribe Makeup Tutorial Accounts on YouTube

With millions of videos available on YouTube, sifting through the adorable cat videos to find something that’s useful might seem challenging. Luckily, there’s a whole niche of YouTube beauty and makeup gurus whose mission is to create amazing tutorials that will help you master your beauty routine. Whether it’s learning how to style a perfect topknot or figuring out how to create a perfect smokey eyes, here are six of the best beauty vloggers in YouTube that will surely help step up your makeup game.


  1. Michelle Phan

Considered as one of the early beauty vloggers in YouTube, Michelle Phan established an early presence on the site, and has since become one of the most subscribed beauty channel. Phan uses voiceovers in her video tutorial, allowing her to give detailed and visually fascinating instructions on everything from movie-inspired looks to everyday makeup tricks and tips. Michelle is also an online spokesperson for Lancôme, so most of her videos will feature their beauty products.


  1. Kandee Johnson

Johnson started making tutorial videos in 2009 using her background as a celebrity wardrobe stylist and makeup artist. Kandee runs two blogs while caring for four her children. She has been featured on Good Morning America, and became a guest judge on the show How Do I Look. Kandee Johnson is definitely the one to run to when you need a makeup look tutorial for certain occasions.

  1. Bubzbeauty

Bubzbeauty started making makeup tutorial videos as a way to destress on her last year at university – but now, she’s become of the most subscribed beauty gurus in UK. Bubzbeauty tackles viewers’ questions in her ‘Ask Bubz’ videos, and now as a future bride, she’s starting to make more wedding tutorials, along with her regular hair and makeup tutorial videos.

  1. Nic and Samantha Chapman / Pixiwoo

The sisters Chapman who are behind Pixiwoo have a knack for recreating the best celebrity makeup looks on their channel, including beauty tutorials inspired by everyone from Rihanna to Angelina Jolie. Their basic hair and makeup tutorial videos as a must-watch for any beauty beginners (but even veterans will be able to learn a thing or two).

  1. Wayne Goss / gossmakeupartist

Makeup artist and YouTube personality Wayne Goss discovered his love for beauty and makeup after struggling with acne problems in his 20s. With this experience, Goss creates tutorial videos that aid in demystifying products like BB creams, as well as complexing techniques like contouring the cheekbones and concealing blemishes.

Even if you’re still a newbie in the world of beauty and makeup, it’s already possible to step up your makeup game a few notches with the help of these tutorial videos. So make the most out of your free time now, and binge watch the videos of these well-known beauty gurus.


Reasons Why Some Individuals Choose to Remain Single

There’s nothing more irritating for Singaporean women than constantly being asked by family members, relatives, friends, and just about everyone else just why they’re still single. Being single or single blessedness is most often not a matter of choice but there are individuals who prefer to remain single. Society is more understanding when such individuals are men and a little skeptical when they hear women making the same decisions. Undoubtedly, there are plenty of happiness one can gain from getting married and building a family but single folks have their own share of happiness, too. Here are some reasons why some individuals choose to remain single:


They are more focused on their career and personal growth

Some individuals are so caught up in the rat race and are successful at it that they perceive marital commitments as hindrances. They have seen how some successful individuals have taken a step back in their careers or have completely sacrificed their blossoming job just to build a family and they don’t think these are wise decisions. They believe there’s still much to achieve in their career and personal growth that they’re not willing to put it at stake just for personal relationships.

They do not want to commit

Some of these individuals value their freedom so much that they have realized they may not want to commit in a marital relationship at all. Probably, they’ve been single for a long time and have grown very comfortable with it that the thought of committing themselves to only one person for the rest of their life seem like a horrible thought.


They do not think they’re ready yet

There are those who always have reasons to consider themselves as not yet ready to get married. They may claim to be not financially stable yet and can’t imagine how they can provide for more than themselves. Or they may claim that they’re not yet mentally or emotionally ready. Bottomline, they’re just not ready yet.

They do not want to go through marital breakups

There are also those individuals who were raised in broken dysfunctional families and probably have gone through painful breakups from their long-term relationships. Or they just know too many people – almost everyone they know – who have ended up divorced or unhappily married. So they think they’re making a wise decision by simply choosing not to get married.